Yoga Classes in Welwyn Hatfield Hertfordshire

There are no Karmic Living yoga classes planned at present.

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for personal success

A quick, effective and
visual way to...

work out what you really want

establish your passions and values

realize your dearest dreams

experience massive shifts in your life

clear your mental clutter

have a lot of fun in the process

in as little as 3 sessions

More about Creative Visualisation

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in Welwyn Hatfield

Caroline is currently taking

a Sabbatical

There are no Karmic Living

Classes planned at present


foot massage

Retreat Day


with Yoga and Reiki


This day includes:

  • uplifting yoga session
  • rainbow meditation
  • mindfulness
  • balance
  • gratitude
  • sharing reiki

No Dates planned at present

Karmic Living is run by Yoga Teacher and Creative Coach, Caroline Wilson based in Welwyn Garden City.

Caroline has trained with the Yoga for Health Foundation, Future Fit Training and the YMCA. Caroline is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals, the Yoga for Health and Education Trust.